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Kevin Grant

Kevin and Kaleb going for a hike. My best friend and wife, Jill, with our son, Kaleb at the Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, AZ.
My wife, Jill, enjoying the day! It's fishing time...we only caught two fish in five hours...what patience my little man has.
Hanging out at the Dude Ranch. CPT Grant and his son, Kaleb, exploring the cockpit of a UH60 Blackhawk Helicopter
Captain Grant in front of his UH60 Helicopter Picture of Captain Kevin Grant in Kuwait
2nd Fred Fehsenfeld (WWII fighter pilot, 4 enemy aircraft shot down) and CPT Kevin Grant (UH60 Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot) talk about aviation. Kaleb and Dad spend time watching rockets being launched in the cornfields of Indiana
Motocross and outdoor activities are the norm in the Grant starts off at a young age. Kaleb Grant...what a cutie pie.
Flag at the Grant family farm...what a beautiful sight! Kaleb & Papa Grant picking apples, what a great way to spend family time.
Kevin's high school sweetheart and wife of 20+ years, Dr. Jill Grant.

Kevin always said he married up!  :) Jill & Kevin's son, Kaleb.
Family time...Hanging out at the Indy 500. Kevin's father, John Grant and son, Kaleb...enjoying time on Papa's farm.

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