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Voting is Free...keep your Money!

The days of big money donors supporting candidates and special interests in Washington D.C. are numbered.  The American people are fed up with this process and have spoken on November 2017.

I have traveled throughout the Indiana congressional district #4 (which includes 17 counties) for the past few years and have spoken to thousands of Hoosiers...they are not happy with the inaction of politicians in D.C.

As you are aware, I am running for U.S. Congress and I promise that I will put your interests first when voting for key issues in D.C.  

I am not asking you for money for the campaign...if you believe in my message...please spread the word. 

Remember voting is a right and is free.

Thank you for your support!


Kevin Grant, MBA

U.S. Congressional Candidate



Committee to Elect Kevin J. Grant
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