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The Day Kevin Grant met Donald Trump

April 27, 2016...

It was a happy and sad day for U.S. Congressional Candidate, Kevin J. Grant, of West Lafayette, Indiana. 

Donald Trump was planned to conduct a town hall meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana with Greta Van Sustren. 

The night before the event, Kevin was at home preparing his U.S. Army dress blues for his friends funeral, which was to be held on the evening of April 27th.

While watching Fox News...the announcer stated how people in Indiana could get tickets to the Greta Van Sustren Kevin quickly went to the website and was surprised that he was lucky enough to get a ticket.

On the day of the event, Kevin was distraught because he didn't know if he would be able to make both events.  His friend, MAJ Bruce Malone, an Active Duty U.S. Army Officer recently committed suicide and Kevin was determined to pay respect to his dear friend. 

Kevin arrived in downtown Indy and stood in line like everyone else.  Once he made it inside the venue, a staff member from the Greta VanSustren show asked him to sit on stage.  In fact, as you face the stage, Kevin was seated right behind Donald Trump's right shoulder.  

After the show, Kevin didn't know if he was going to meet Donald Trump or not.  As Donald Trump made his rounds on the stage, he stopped and shook Kevin's hand.  Kevin and Donald Trump spoke for a moment...Kevin explained how he supported Donald Trump since he was 19 years old.  He showed Donald Trump an old book that he received for his 19th birthday (Kevin was 46)...It was Donald Trump's book..."Art of the Deal'.  Donald took the book, smiled and then signed it.  Kevin continued to explain to Donald Trump that he was running for Congress in Indiana and Donald Trump wrote the word "WIN!" in his book.  Donald Trump gave the book back to Kevin and pointed to what he wrote.  Kevin thanked him for his time and wished him luck.

Later that evening, Kevin attended his friends was a very sad event. Kevin and Bruce deployed together to the Middle East...where they became great friends. Knowing that his friend, Bruce Malone, struggled with PTSD...If elected in 2018, Kevin has vowed to decrease the suicide rate among veterans. 

The day was truly remarkable and sad.  Kevin stated "I will miss my brother in arms...he was a great soldier, man and father"

WIth reference to meeting Donald Trump...Kevin stated "he was happy to meet the next President of the United States"



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